Think & Write #69

The Promotion

Mark was hard at work, finishing his monthly report.  In the middle of his report, someone stopped him.

“Mark, I would like you to come to my office.”  It was Mr. Stevenson, his boss.

Mark stopped typing and got up from his chair.  What could this be about?  Everything was done.  All the additional projects were complete.  The only thing that remained was the monthly report, and any additional projects that were assigned to him.   Mark followed Mr. Stevenson to his office.  “What is this about?”

Mr. Stevenson smiled.  “You’ll see.  Just come to my office and we’ll talk.”

The boss led Mark into the office and closed the door.  The boss sat down at his desk.  “Sit down,” Mr. Stevenson told Mark.

Mark grabbed a nearby chair and sat on the other side of the desk from Mr. Stevenson.

“I’ve been observing your work here for the past few years.” Mr Stevenson said with a smile.  “And your work has got to be the best of any employee that I ever hired.  Upon seeing such amazing work, it fills me with such regret.  I really should’ve done this years ago.  Mark, I’m promoting you to head of the department.”

Mark was shocked.  He would’ve never imagined that all this hard work would pay off.  “Really?  You mean it?”

Mr. Stevenson laughed.  “Absolutely!  I discussed this at a board meeting with all the chief executives that work here.  They all agreed that you should be promoted.”

“Well,” Mark smiled.  “I’m flattered, really.  I really appreciate this.”

The boss extended his hand and he shook it with Mark.  “It is our way of rewarding you for all your hard work.  Now, I would like you to finish that monthly report.  After that, I would like you to begin moving all your things into your new office.  You earned it.  Keep up the hard work.”

“Right away,  Mr. Stevenson!”  Mark happily shouted.  Mark eagerly left the office and returned to his cubicle.   He then went to work on finishing the monthly report.  His new promotion was now only a few keystrokes away.


©2012  K. L. Walker