Think & Write #43

The Pest

The hunt has officially begun.  It is opening day and I am perfectly poised.  I am in just the right spot, ready to take down the annoying pest.  I am in my living room with my weapon of choice  – the fly swatter.

This pest has made several passes on me, just taunting me over and over again.  But it’s not going to get away this time.  I am on the hunt, and it is not going to get away this time.

The pest approaches.  It lands on the wall.  A perfect place to take it out.  I extend my arm, wind back and hit the wall.  The pest flies off.  I missed.

“Frank,  why don’t you give him a rest?” My wife said.  “You have been trying to swat a bug for an hour now.”

She didn’t understand.  This pest was tormenting me.  The only way that this torment would end was if I killed it.

The pest landed again.  I swung the fly swatter and I missed again.  Again and again it landed.  Again and again I missed.  This was starting to make me angry!

My wife was now starting to get frustrated.  “Frank, can you give it a rest? You’ll get it sooner or later.  Just stop for now.”

I shook my head.  “This pest has been tormenting me, Jodie.  It’s going down!”

My wife suddenly gave me a sly look.  “Frank, let me try.”

I hesitated as I held my fly swatter.  I didn’t want to give up my dear weapon.  Sighing, I gave it to her in reluctance.  “Here.  Just a few times, okay?”

My wife eagerly grabbed the fly swatter from me and patiently approached the pest, which was now on the coffee table.  With one careful swing, she killed it.  She held the fly swatter in triumph, as if she were to gloat.  “There.  Your “pest” is dead.  Now Frank, get a tissue.”

I grabbed a tissue and wrapped the defeated pest in its tissued cocoon.  I then took it to its final resting place: the trash bin underneath the sink.  My wife sprayed the coffee table with disinfectant and wiped it vigorously with a paper towel.

My wife then looked at the clock.  “Frankie, can we go to bed now?”

With that, I nodded and we both went upstairs.  As I got into bed and was almost asleep, I heard the sound of buzzing.  I then felt something land on my face.  The new pest has just arrived, and he gave me his greeting.

As I was about to fall asleep, a sudden sense of determination began to fill me.  “You are next….” I quietly whispered.

With that, I quietly got out of bed.  The hunt has officially begun, again!  All I needed was my trusty fly swatter…..


©2012  K. L. Walker