Think & Write #42

A Good Read

Jim entered the library.  Upon entering the library, he was on a quest.  A quest to find the perfect book.  A quest to find the next good read.

Thinking about the books that Jim read in the past, he was trying to find something different.  He has read all the classics.  What he was looking for was something fresh.

So his quest began, with Jim walking up and down the bookshelves, looking for the next book that he would spend time with.  In some cases, it is not a matter of you finding the book, but the book finding you.

Jim searched far and wide, through more book shelves.  His book was not to be found.  Regardless, Jim kept searching.  He knew that his book was somewhere, and it was only a matter of time before he found it.  His book was calling out to him.  He just couldn’t hear the voice yet.

Jim thought of asking the librarian for help, but he knew that she wouldn’t be of any help.  The librarian doesn’t know the kind of book that Jim was looking for.

Finally, in the distance, Jim found it.  It was a very old book.  A thick volume with many pages.  The design of the book was unique, like something from the late middle ages.  Or perhaps it was from the Renaissance.

Jim didn’t know how the library managed to get a book this old there, but that didn’t matter.  All that mattered was that the book was now Jim’s, and he would be spending the next month reading it.

Jim checked out the old book and left.  Once he started reading it, he was hooked.  It was a tale of love.  A tale of wars and the end to wars.  A tale of suspense and adventure.  The book was so intriguing that Jim didn’t stop reading when the one month was up.  In fact, Jim was not even halfway through the book yet.

With that, Jim checked out the book for another month and continued reading.


©2012  K. L. Walker

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